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Zweedse Mauser HUSQVARNA m96 Zweedse Mauser HUSQVARNA m96

Mauser 1944 in 6,5x57 HUSQVARNA m96


AGJ-sight made by "A. G. Johanssons Metallfabrik AB" in Västerås


There was a civilian production of the MAUSER -m/96.

When World War II began, the military lacked sufficient rifles to equip members of the Swedish National Shooters Association (FRIVILLIGA SKYTTERÖRELSEN) as reservists. The government turned to Husqvarna, who was already manufacturing the m/38 rifle. Husqvarna produced 20,000 m/96-type rifles with 29.1 inch barrels in 1944 and 1945.

The rifle organization "Frivilliga skytterörelsen" (FSR) ordered some 20000 m/96 rifles from Husqvarna in the beginning of the 1940s. These rifles were made to the same specifications as the armys m/96 rifles and the production was partly financed by the Crown. They were sold to members of the "FSR" on the condition that the owner would sell his rifle back to the Army in case of total mobilization.

About 5000 of the FSR-rifles used a new m/43 leaf sight in 50 m intervals from 100 to 600 metres, and 100 m intervals from 600 to 800 metres. The sight ladder is stamped "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6" and "8" on the left side, and with index lines for 50m and a "7" on the right side.

About 12000 of the FSR-rifles used a sight called the AGJ-sight made by "A. G. Johanssons Metallfabrik AB" in Västerås. The AGJ sight is marked "SM sikte agj-ram" and looks very similar to the later "SM sikte m/55" used on the m/41 snipers rifle.




Pricing - (for difference-purpose only):

Good to very good condition

  • 1. Carl Gustav mfg…..$ 425
  • 2. Mauser Oberndorf mfg…$ 475
  • 3. Scarce Husqvarna M1896 long rifle – Made in 1940’s for civilian rifle marksmanship practice and sold to public with understanding they had to return the gun to the army if Sweden became involved in W.W.II.  Known to collectors as the Fsr model - Very few available!.....$ 690


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